🔴 LIVE *NEW* ITEM SHOP | NEW CREW PACK! (JUNE 1st 2021) – Fortnite Season 7

Live Item Shop Update!
Date – JUNE 1st 2021 (IST)

~ My Epic : Use Code FISP


➡ Creator Code : FISP

I am biggest bot alive in game, Don’t judge me by my gameplay!
Chill, Vibe to songs and Relax. Take a break and Enjoy.


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  1. I went back to your old predictions and I commented on your April 23 2020 item shop prediction a year ago lol.
    Please go back to predictions with the old intro 😭 I miss them so much

  2. FISP i wanna cry cuz i told you that my phone broke so i couldn't take pics and send them in discord😭,i bought 13,500 v-bucks cuz i told you if i get good marks i will get v-bucks and I used your codes when buying everything!

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