3 Beach Walkabout IRL Livestream in HAWAII

Join me for a 3 beach walkabout IRL livestream in Hawaii.

My name is Kevin! In 2019, I quit my job to travel full time. I started out traveling the world, hopping from country to country every 30 days. When international travel became impossible, I bought a van and set out to experience van life and full time RV living, camping all over the United States. In May 2021, I sold my van and bought a one way ticket to Hawaii! Soon I’ll be traveling internationally again…where to? I have no clue, but I hope you’ll subscribe & join me on this travel adventure!
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  1. OK dude. I also had a "poor" childhood as well and financial insecurity is a huge driver in my life. Funny difference: I became an EARNER, not a saver. I think I need to learn from you. 😉

  2. History 101 😁 I discover your channel with your Peru Travel *doing research for Currahasi)
    Then you introduced Van Life & it open up my brain because I am into float homes & off the grid homes. You are talented Kevin & nourish that by producing content that makes you *HAPPY +PASSION. Thank U.

  3. I’m still with you Kevin-I like the break of traveling from van life-don’t get me wrong I like van life but I also follow the person and you are good at this and always have something to say! I wish you would go around the Island again and put out that video I was really looking forward to it

  4. Kevin, It's great you are an early bird then you catch this wonderful light from sunrises 🌅🌄
    I am sorry you got a little incident with the bushes. We all enjoyed your sense of humor despite you were probably in some pain 🤕. Take care!

  5. Sorry I missed your live stream. I was going to say if you haven’t already spend a day at the Bishop museum. It’s associated with the Smithsonian but goes into detailed depth of anthropogenic history of Hawaii. When I went three people were inside, too many tourists just wanted the beaches & bling of modern Hawaii but forget the true history and culture.

  6. I started watching you for your travel vlogs. There are too many vanlife channels in my opinion. I had to laugh when you mentioned knitting since that is one of my hobbies. My ears perked up thinking you were going to put a negative spin on it but no you were just using it as an example. You must have to be careful what you say in order to not offend viewers. I guess being a YouTube influencer would not be a good job for me.😆

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