49ers Injuries with @GrantCohn , @2Evan2Furious and surprise 12 year NFL Vet



  1. Will Blackmon makes a great point about less experienced guys "overtraining". Rest and recovery is an integral part of training. When you work out you are literally tearing your body apart. It's in the rest and recovery phase where your body builds itself back up stronger than before. If you don't have proper rest/recovery, it's inevitable that your body will break down. It's not Shanahan's fault when they over-train but he is at fault if this is not being emphasized as part of team culture.

  2. There are alot of fallacies out there in regards to training and some truth and the same goes for nutrition. The nutritional needs of athletes are much more rigorous than sedentary or non-athletic people. Proper supplementation is the first step to staying healthy. I am a nutritional distributor for a company that some of the long term players in sports use for their own nutritional supplements. It's been going on since forever in bodybuilding circles…one guy who has brought this into perspective is a trainer & former Mr America, Doug Brignole. He's a bio-mechanics expert and could really help the NFL straigten out this issue and especially the 49ers. He's down in Venice in Southern Cali. Eric, you have the key to a door that would open up discussions for him to consult with the NFL and 49ers in particular. There are right ways and wrong ways to lift weights, Doug would be the man with a plan. I could never get near the organization because all my contacts are retired and I have nobody there. Doug has his own channel on YouTube. Tell him Tim sent you and get him and John Lynch together or whomever needs to be in that meeting/conference call. He is an invaluable asset especially for a team that can't stay healthy consistently. I'm the 2nd, well, my company is. Due to NFL contracts with certain supplement companis, one has a reptile in it's name that has the hydration one, and it's sadly deficient for athletes. Hit me up let's get together and solve this problem, I want my team healthy and competitive too. Say hi to Jeff Garcia for me if you run across him. You can Email me at winningfootball2005@gmail.com if you want to organize something Eric. Maybe Grant could help out through media channels too if he's interested.

  3. Crock wasnt much of an NFL player when he was… he's no expert. His last stint he was with the Jets for like 4 mos off season and then he was cut. Never played pre-season or regular season. 8 yrs ago. Next.

  4. Basically the guys that played football are saying that injuries are apart of football and a lot of times is on the players. But the guys who never played insist on trying to blame it on Shanahan

  5. Science is the best. Super interesting about blood work and seeing a correlation with injuries and micromolecule levels.
    Also interesting to see the bureaucracy of the NFL. How do they not have treatment and other recovery programs for players. These owners are more and more horrible. Modern day plantation owners. You would think they would find any potential resource to win more games and the superbowl.

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