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  1. Today is my baby’s first birthday 🥳
    If I don’t post this weekend it’s because I’m spending quality time with the kids ❤️ & having a little family birthday party 🥳
    I see a lot of you say you love hearing her in the background, if you want to see her birthday pictures follow my personal private Instagram @mel_cwm

  2. I’ve been meaning to send you some $$. I put it on my calendar for this weekend! 🤣 I have to DL the app and such but you deserve the love! Cheers!

  3. Hey chisme! I dunno why I’ve been keeping up with this girl & your channel helps a lot haha, but I want to ask you how do you really feel about her genuinely, I mean I watch & keep up because she’s a train wreck and I wanna see her grow and do better but I want to know how you feel about her and her crew. They’re so messy and trifling

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