In today’s video, Christopher Greene explains in the future you won’t be able to buy bitcoin.
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Christopher is a leading educator, speaker and blockchain expert with over 12 years experience in the space. He shares with you insights, trends and actionable ideas in an easy to understand way.

*This is not financial or investment advice but the opinions of its creator. Please read our disclaimer:

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  1. 100k at most by end of year. Thats still 3X. Not bad. But how much money can you invest.? 10k, 50k, 100k? How much can you afford to lose??? Here's my argument: Cardano will go to 10X quicker than bitcoin and to getting in is a lot less. Think about it. $5,000 of bitcoin may get you to $15,000. The same amount with ADA, will get $50,000 and possibly higher.

  2. Bless your heart, Chris. You're the best salesman I have ever seen, but these "rich advisers" will chew you up and spit you out. Blessings to you, Christopher. I watched your channel before Bitcoin, and I will watch it after. You throw all of yourself into projects. That's an admirable trait for anyone to have. 👍

  3. This is so true. People say prices are too high. It's a bubble. Real estate prices will crash blah blah they don't get it. They don't get this is a repricing of the dollar through trillions of dollars a year is fed money printing

  4. Bitcoin is the currency of the Antichrist beast new world order system. Crypto currency is junk! Gold and silver are also junk! Nobody takes gold or silver. Stores don't take crypto. Nobody can afford the crap anyway. If you don't have survival skills you're going to die! Screw all this fake currency! The Bible states that people will be throwing out gold and silver in the street. Survival skills are everything! Money is trash! Bushcraft is everything! Money is worthless! Knowledge is worth way more.

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