1. HAHAHAHAAHA SIERRA!! This was me too when i was watching the premiere! I freaked out and was gobsmacked by how fluid they were and how confident! OUR BOYS WERE HELLA CONFIDENT AND WE'RE HERE FOR IT BABYYYY!!

  2. I was having a really bad day but you guys just made me laugh so hard!! Except I had my earphone volume on high and Sierra's squee really got my ear good lmao! Still loved it tho haha!

  3. Hope you are back to react again. So many things dropping. We are being well fed. Have you gotten your Muster tickets yet for June 13/14? React to their performance at Stephen Colbert . They also had a very funny skit . Won't spoil it any further.

  4. Happy Birthday, Mateo!! 🎉🎉🎉

    I actually felt like JK's first outfit was one of his Dynamite outfits, and he made that active transition to the Butter era, which I totally dug. So cool, any & every way :).

    So good to see you guys! Love ~ 💜💜💜

  5. Ahhh this has made my morning, it’s so good to see you guys so happy and enjoying yourself Please never hesitate to take the time you need for yourselves and your family to keep doing what you love to do!!

  6. Ok,,, I'm back…. golly took me soooo long.

    Sierra: I wasn't ready… (Me… girl… the premier of this is starting and I have an Urgent file.. I wasn't ready T_T) I end up putting the vid in background while trying to understand the doctor's dictation lol, don't worry all urgent and patient's are fine, I finished it, but was late for the video,, it was ending when I was free T_T
    anyway,, I'm back and re-watching every detail like I would with BTS videos lol

    Sierra: God Help me.. (Me: God help me.. why? must it be Urgent file??) lol
    Like through the the first 2 mins of the vid,, all of Sierra's reaction is me as well but in a different perspective.. like its frustrating but funny as well in my point of view

    The other Samsung Ad is my fave hotter mess where Jimin and V are opening,, I always feel attacked and I can't skip that ad lol

  7. Hi, I am back. Nice reaction, ty. Love this song. This performance was awesome! 0.0 Army on Twt were going wild. The guys are seriously courting us, charming us, flirting with us!!! This was so fun. The visuals were on point. I want and need pics. =0p My eyes still go to Jimin. Love JKs hair. It is an old style of his but it suits him so well. They were stunning. Them kissing their hands was them kissing Army's hands like sexy!!! They make me want to swoon. hugs. -baby Army NY USA💜

  8. Okay, I’ve never seen a reaction like this, and I love it! This is SO REAL. You captured the MOMENT so real, especially for those of us who didn’t get to watch live! Look at innovation!

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