Can the Aaron Rodgers-Matt LaFleur Relationship Save the Day for the Packers? | The Rich Eisen Show

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  1. Remember how Packers Nation responded when the Packers traded up to draft a QB instead of a WR in the first round? Yeah, Rodgers is really just expressing what the fans thought of the whole situation too. I think he's made his point…I hope.

  2. Would the media be talking about this situation if Rodgers would had thrown an interception Adams in
    the end zone? Or would this stand off even taken place? Probably not because it would tarnish that MVP trophy! Rodgers is using the loss as an excuse for them getting Love! You had the top offense in the league it was not like they were struggling! Does he care for his players doubt it! Didn’t give up his bonus to keep his Center! Hopefully his fiancé has a great pre- nip!

  3. The ONLY legitimate, somewhat logical reason you wouldn’t tell Rodgers that you’re possibly trading up for a QB in Round 1 is that you believe he would somehow completely sabotage the situation behind the scenes before the draft and screw you out of your plan.

  4. Flashback to 2019 to "Aaron Rodgers will never get along with Lafluer"

    Frankly what Rodgers did was brilliant, the Packers went from "let see what happens "
    To please please please please please come back 🥺🥺

    Just trade the bumpkin backup Love and see just how much your success was this fancy new scheme you claim Lafleur brought, or maybe Rodgers is better than even Titletown wanted to admit

  5. Yeah, let’s replace Rodgers because of one “off”year which was his first year in a new offense, which is also a run heavy offense. Makes sense and justifiable. Haha nahhh Green Bay fucked up. They jumped the gun.

  6. I gotta say
    I have been a true packer fan since I was 10 Iam 38 now
    I grow gray hair because of Green Bay but I love them !!!!! But with that said Mm of his career he helped ar so much Iam not Mad at him but let’s also be honest
    Ar mvp season was a huge part ma mL playbook

  7. What’ll save the day is the Packers giving Rodgers more weapons to make a stronger run for Super Bowl championships … Lighten the load off of Rodgers shoulders like the easier path that Brady had with the Bucks to win a Superbowl.

  8. Matt is sweating now realizing they have a low grade qb if Rodgers heads to denver. He sure as hell can stay mad, we won't know until july in training offseason. Love the drama. But damn Aaron has a six pack now ,lost weight, no inflammation. I can't wait for the 2021 season to begin

  9. I just want Rodgers to come out and say whatever his decision is : If he never wants to play in Green Bay again regardless of contract extensions , trading love, letting him run the team etc. , or if it I will see you June 15th for camp. Great either way lets get the clarity not fair to wither side .

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