Chase Young Full Rookie Season Highlights | NFL 2020

Chase Young finished his rookie season with 7.5 sacks, 4 forced fumbles, 32 tackles, and 1 TD.

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  1. Season was underwhelming. The way they hyped him up made it sound like he should be getting 10 sack seasons at a minimum, and he was on a stacked defensive line that drew a lot of the blockers away from him, yet he still only had 7.5 sacks. Hope he can turn it around next year or this might be another clowney situation. And I’m sure tons of defenders are gonna yell at me for this take but so what🤷‍♂️gotta tell the truth

  2. In his first season he was already the best player on his team and in his division. Very few to ever be like this man, sky is the limit. Can be one of the greats if he just keeps doing him.

  3. No doubt Brady protectors are allowed to hold on every play with no call.
    But that game was rigged. Washington was scripted to lose but beat the spread. Spread was 10.
    That was why the TD pass was allowed by replay even though it was bobbled. It pulled the Washington team closer 28-23.
    Then Brady hits Evans deep late in the 4th, except Evans steps out of bounds for no reason. The reason was to avoid going up by more than 10.
    That's why Chase played like a soft, little kitten. He knew what the script was, bruh.
    That's life in the NFL: National Fixedball League.

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