Chef Curtis Cooked Filipino Pancit For The First Time At Home

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  1. You truly have been colonized chef 😄😄😄. Of all the noodle dish we have here in Philippines that is my favorite 🤤🤤🤤. Next time you cook that chef try also to add a bit of chicken livers in and some lechon kawali 😁😁😁.

  2. Filipinos normally saute the onions and garlic together with the chicken breast and shrimps and veggies. No need to separate them in sauteing. Then, the broth from the sauteed veggies is what we use for the noodles. The pancit will be tastier. Anyway, nice try, Chef Curtis.

  3. Hi big guy, i fixed my issues on notifications, no worries. Just let me know when you make it here in the philippines, will be glad to accomodate you in one of my rentals, for a week rent free my compliment to you. I live in a condo in Alabang Manila, and Im here stucked since lockdown. I left some messages on comment section let me know if you read them, and tell me where to send my local number, thanks

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