COD 2021 Reveal, PS5 & Xbox Fans MAD – PS5 SSD UPDATE & Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Face (PS5 & Xbox

COD 2021 Reveal, PS5 & Xbox Fans MAD – PS5 SSD UPDATE, Horizon Forbidden West Aloy Face (PS5 & Xbox E3 2021).
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There’s apparently controversy around Horizon Forbidden West Aloy face which is completely unnecessary. There are also a lot of memes on PS5 Horizon Forbidden West. We also some new info regarding Call of Duty 2021 reveal. We know that this year’s COD 2021 game will be called Call of Duty WW2 Vanguard. A ton of PS5 and Xbox fans are going at each other. Xbox and Bethesda will be doing their E3 2021 livestream together where they will show Starfield, Halo Infinite and more Xbox Series X games. We also have PlayStation 5 internal SSD Update release and a lot more gaming news.

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  1. Yeah, i was VERY surprised by this horizon girl outlook too :))) wtf are they thinking about :))) i can understand ellys girlfriend outlook at last of us2 – this game is about suffering, people in horrible place and time living theire lifes as they can, it creates atmosphere of uglyness and blood massacre. But horizon2 – WHY??? WHY SHE IS NOT HOT BODY AND NICELOOKING FACE, GOOD SENCE OF HUMOR ETC?????? MILLIONS ARE SUPPOSE TO SPEND A LOT OF TIME WITH HER IN THIS BEAUTIFUL VIDEOGAME!!!))) WHY???????

  2. I think the CoD vs Battlefield leak quantity comes done to differences in marketing strategies. Bread crumbs to excite (CoD) versus mystery and speculation to hype (BF). The fact we never hear about employees getting fired for leaking makes it sound like it was intentional.

  3. The last cod game I got was ww2 and I liked it, the campaign was pretty good as well but I wished it was longer. The game mightn’t be a disaster for me because I honestly love ww2 games but I don’t think vanguard will be able to compete in quality to battlefield. COD sales could still be more though.

  4. They aren’t even trying to make aloys face masculine or anything, and she looks fine to me except she looks real concerned all the time or something lol. That guy for real gotta go get laid or touch grass fs

  5. Fans seems to forget that in Part 2 Aloy is living a far better life than in Part 1. She's no longer a outcast living off scraps, but a Repeated warrior that is now able to get plenty of food/supply. Also, Part 2 takes place during summer when a person face tends to look a bit more "puffy" than in the winter.

    Not to mention as we Age our face naturally being to look more "fuller" on account our Nose & Ears continue to grow afters adulthood and our lips begin to lose volume. (hints making our face look far "thicker" than it did in our 20's & mid 30s)

  6. Seems like call of duty is coming out with games that they tie into modern warfare so to me it’s like paying 60 or 70 dollars for some dlc for call of duty black ops suck not enough maps and ya already coming out with another game yea uninstall

  7. Sony game characters NOT feminine looking?
    ignores Elena Fisher, Black Cat, Nadine Ross, Chloe Fraser, Mary Jane, Silver Sable
    Sounds like Xbox haters disguised as PS users to me (either that or people literally just complain about everything in life)

  8. Totally agree man about the money .. Times were different In the old days of MW2, MW3 , BO1, BO2 . There was no any paid content crammed into the legendary games of COD, except the dlc map packs (which i liked then) BUT these games had good content in standard version. Now with the prices of games rising up, plus the devs which give us only couple of maps. Our average payout will be absorbed by COD . Oo
    It's like scam

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