Danielle Bregoli (Bhad Bhabie) Makes an OnlyFans, Shares ABUSE By Dr Phil

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  1. This reminds me of an unrelated case I vaguely remember about a guy accused of something without proof and no real evidence so the lawyers and justice system said they can't arrest, try or convict him based on accusations and no unbiased witnesses but the ideologues freaked out and faced with the public uproar of the leftists who we know to riot over everything these days the courts decided to arrest him illegal, and pin the crime on him on record anyways against his rights and against justice….. I think in the end he killed himself so he wouldn't have to live with a rape on his otherwise clean record and being a registered sex offender, I don't remember the girl getting in any significant trouble either for filing a false police report or false witness leading to a death

  2. Why even look her up she's irrelevant, only like minded morons give into her toxic personally. Glad your still putting up content though bro, look into crowder sometimes he has some good content

  3. The coffee was super hot. 3 degree burns. Lady was very old. Ended up dying not long after. The issue wasn't just the lack warning, that's what McDonald's did to prevent another lawsuit. But I think something was wrong with the coffee maker. Been years since I read this but one of those, media ran a narrative.

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