DeShaun Watson Dream Trade Scenarios

DeShaun Watson Dream Trade Scenarios

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  1. The NFL should be ashamed of themselves for uploading this. A league that supposedly prides itself on what’s on the field is diving right in with narrative based garbage just like the NBA.

  2. As A Texan fan I think the best option should be trade Watson to the Dolphins for Tua Its not really over for us cause every team in the NFL is gonna get a Super Bowl ring.

  3. All the trades are trash but the jets one is the best one there is but it very unlikely that texans will trade him for just picks, they want players too. Its like the James Harden trade.

  4. This should be called Texans dream scenarios not Deshaun Watson dream trades because they're not too dreamy for Deshaun. He wants out of Houston because it's become a dumpster fire organization. Why would he want to go from one dumpster fire to another? That's what a move to Detroit or the Jets would be. Miami is the only possibility discussed here that's a possible improvement for Deshaun. And he has veto power so it's ultimately his choice.

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