Dixie D'Amelio's music is getting even worse…

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  1. no, i didn't know it was released, i was so focused on olivia rodrigo and bella poarch until some friend sent it in the gc. we clicked on it and immediately left.

  2. GOODNESS Dixie! You don't do shit, get paid for it, get famous for it and you're still SAD. Please stfu with this bs. Can we please as a society stop making people like her famous?! Can we please talk about actual ARTISTS that work hard and still don't get even a fraction of the recognition she gets?!

  3. There is this and then there is Hey Violet’s ‘fuckboi’
    Ik I shouldn’t compare but whenever I hear the word fuckboy I can’t help but think about hey violet and then to hear this?! It’s just sad atp.

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