Dr. Phil HORRIBLE Response To Bhad Bhabie! | REACTION


Dr. Phil HORRIBLE Response To Bhad Bhabie! | REACTION

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0:00​​​ – Introduction

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  1. Sorry Dr Phil should have vetted the facility period. He gets kick backs from referring people to these places. When I saw that episode I immediately thought she was traumatized by something and needed counseling. Not being kidnapped in the middle of the night and sent to an abusive ranch. She needs to presue this legally and include him in the suit.

  2. Not a massive Dr Phil and his out dated counseling fan. How ever if my 13 yr old spoke like that I would have caught her out side every second of her life. Wannabe next generation Gang members who think it a glamorous life style starts around this age and I'd rather go down fighting and doing whatever is needed to stop the next victim being indoctrinated. Pretty sure if this allegation has any bones some of the hundreds of kids sent there will come forward with there story's and careers will be ended and bank accounts will be empty, unless it is just a way of someone trying to become relevant again???

  3. Look up “troubled teen industry” & “breaking code silence” if u want to know exactly how fucked up these places are. I was in Provo canyon school for 2 years & I can’t imagine being locked in there during a pandemic… these places need to be shut down… they’re not the answer… they’re not well regulated… the longer they keep each kid there the more money is made

  4. This was the interview that made me finally unsubscribe to Dr. Phil. The smirking right off the bat pissed me off. From what I heard he did not care what Danielle said about Turn about ranch. He was like “Oh I’m sorry that happened to you but that has nothing to do with me so if you had an issue then you need to file a complaint with them because whatever happens to you once you go there, has nothing to do with me at all, even though I suggested you go there.” I was shocked, I literally didn’t even finish the interview and went to make sure I deleted him off social media. Shame on you “Dr. Phil”. My mom watched him because of Oprah. I know he’s done a lot over the years but I haven’t followed him much, every now and then I’ll watch something but this really turned me off. I won’t support him ever again. No respect for either of the people in this interview.

  5. The problem is 3 letter organizations have stripped parents of the right to discipline their kids. When I was a kid I stole some gum. My dad made me go back to the shop and tell the manager. Then he made me take out the trash. When I was giving my school a hard time, my dad woke me up at 5:30 and had me outside doing yard work till dinner all weekend. Now it's child abuse, but ill tell you what, it made me a better person in the long run. Back then we called it character building.

  6. She certainly acted outrageous…as a 13 year old on national TV. Dr. Phil is known for setting his guests up for the most drama…as a 70 something "mental professional" If for no other reason than to spare the very young, clearly hurt woman from further antagonization, he could avoid implicating himself while not undermining her

  7. Dr. Phil. NEEDS.TO. TAKE. RESPONSIBLITY.! (also can we acknowledge that she was a different person back then I admit I was on the hate train and I apologize for that and she has changed but still like she said she was acting out cause of trauma)

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