Elden Ring Trailer 60fps | Summer Games Fest 2021

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  1. Oh great, another game with amazing art stylings and lore, but is a massive chore to progress through. Got pretty far in Bloodborne and loved the game, but the frustration became detrimental to good times.

  2. It looks amazing though with George RR Martin writing the ending will probably be pretty close to the end of game of thrones or the original Dark Souls. There are no happy endings after all.

  3. I think my hype has died a bit now tbh, I’ll hope the story holds up and the world ends up being amazing but honestly looking at the trailer just gave me godfall vibes, not aesthetically but just in terms of it feeling very generic, sad times, will hold out for it being a success though

  4. Was really hoping for Miyazaki to create a new combat system separate from what he’s already built. Seeing it look like it’s, more or less, the same combat system as Dark Souls is kinda disappointing. Guess we’ll see how it turns out.

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