Eugenia Cooney Swimsuit Backlash (Rob Gavagan Manager Responds to Allegations) Cat Girl Manor!

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  1. I think rob like that facts that he has some type of power of his fans also like he gets off on the fact that they watch him because he could go to only fans but I think it doesn’t give him that sense of power

  2. It’s gross that Cat Manor wants them to fill out a form for being SA’d. How is that gonna help?! What are they gonna do afterwards? (They meaning Cat Manor) they just don’t wanna get any attention from law enforcement smh

  3. In that video of her addressing what was said on frenemies, it honestly shocked me. I’ve not kept up with the story for a while and, it shocked me how much more she’s deteriorated.

  4. I was searching youtube for crafting videos yesterday and Eugenia's video showed up in the results. I reported it immediately just based off the thumbnail because I can see way more than o should in it. Thank you for being so quick on reporting on this!!

  5. Offcourse everything Euginia is doing is welthought tru. Why put a bathingsuit in the tumbnail posing with her body like that?, she looks even more skinny (if that even possible, It's a summerclothinghaul and that bathingsuit was the only one. But it was just to make a point about the backlash on her "shoehallvideo" flashing her underwear. At this point the best is all to unsubscribe her channel. For people still want to follow her go look at one of the dozens of re-uploads. And for YouTube putting it on #27 in trending is, say the least, disturbing.

  6. Hey, Rep. May I just say your hair is amazing!! And on topic, I wish the EC channel would be taken down. Too many people think of EC as goals…she is so sick. No one can deny that. Damn.

  7. 🐢🐢🐢Wow, it's sure a weird video to promote..🤐(ps. Is it just me or was the whole cat house thing a disaster just waitin' to happen?!) 😾🙀😿💥🐢🐢🐢

  8. My devil's advocate/only nitpick, in my personal opinion about your Rob coverage, is I agree with his manager that survivor is a strong choice of word. I appreciate what you mean by that, rep. I just think, in this scenario, based on what we know, "victim" is a more appropriate choice of word, and still respects and validates the potential hardship he put innocent people through, without downplaying it. A term like survivor, given the circumstance, also risks a reverse effect, which is not your fault or anyone else's, but some people will sadly overreact in the opposite way to what they perceive to be potential hyperbole (may or may not be, but victim is still an appropriate and validating choice of word) and irrationally/immaturity do the opposite of what they should, and invalidate.

    Just my 2 cents.

  9. Just to clarify, Rob is one of my best friends, but I do not manage him. I know more about his personal life than anyone online, but he does live a very private life. I also help to manage some of his social media and work on video production. However, I am NOT his “manager.” Rob will address this on his own when he’s ready, but to be clear, anyone involved deserves an explanation, but that does not include yourself. Feel free to exploit others for views. After all, isn’t that your schtick?

  10. I'm sorry but Rob didn't expressly say or suggest he was single it was purely an assumption made by the people who he was speaking to.

    It doesn't sound like he used his "power" or manipulation to get relationships from fans/friends of his. It truly sounds like a case of cancel culture right now.

  11. Would YouTube allow a heroin addict to just "live there life" and actively show there lifestyle and decent? Like a swim suit pic with track marks visible etc? It's just sad

  12. well… a man recently was sentenced to YEARS in prison for RAPE even though the man never met the victims, so… yeah. You dont need to meet the victims to be able to abuse them. Period!!!!!

  13. I watched Isabella's latest few videos, and I truly believe she's coming from a good place and has good intentions. Are they the right actions? Probably not. But just like you shouldn't shun any victims' stories, you shouldn't ignore someone else's attempt to progress in their personal journey to make better choices and to have better discernment.

  14. It’s a sad situation, she’s actively struggling and I think it’s her disease doing the talking, she is in full denial still. and we are now starting to see the facade crack. YouTube should not be trending or promoting her channel but I still wish her well. I still hope she turns it around and asks for help or goes get help.

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