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  1. I Top5Gaming not trying to be rude but quickly made a video now and 0RELIA she has the medical primal assault rifle how I know it’s because I saw mythical and she what she had when I died and it’s so awesome but you can’t get it that’s weird right it’s not spire assassin weapo underwear

  2. I honestly am not a fan of dystopian fiction so I sure hope that the entire season isn’t based off of aliens, I’m fine with like one or two alien skins but not an entire season of aliens…

  3. Hey top-five gaming I just want to let you know if you wondering where that mythic primal shotgun make a video really quick about the music primal shotgun it’s actually a really if you get killed by her you would see mythic primal shotgun not me the problem shock and I mean it’s a primer assault rifle

  4. Look at the Travis Scott loading screen with the two or three Travis Scott’s look at the little globe and you can see the hint at the primal season it was right in front of us the whole time

  5. Have you guys ever took a moment and stopped and wonder, Fortnite is becoming Fortnite Save The World after every game update we get.
    Like Crafting
    Collecting items to craft
    more future and survival like skins
    and confusing map changes

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