Fortnite SEASON 7 – Everything NEW EXPLAINED!

Fortnite SEASON 7 – Everything NEW EXPLAINED!
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Fortnite SEASON 7 – NEW UPDATES Everyone Wants

15 SECRETS in Fortnite’s NEW UPDATE!

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  1. I don't think Superman is the secret skin. There is another page in the Battle Pass that is completely hidden, so that is the secret skin which I believe is Loki. With his show premiering the day after this season began, and him showing up in one of the loading screens from the Fortnite Crew. It's safe to say he'll be coming to the game in some way. Maybe he'll be a boss on the map and when you eliminate him he'll drop his scepter.

  2. Not even trying to hate on fortnite, but that game is washed up and it needs to die already. I’m sick of seeing it everywhere and people forcing themselves to like it when they know it’s trash. They can’t get back the nostalgia that game gave and they don’t want to leave the game. I admit, fortnite was once the greatest game to probably ever exist but now? Hell no. And the fact that they’re milking the fans for money is even more pathetic. They’ve taken the EA route. It’s disgusting, as well as the fact that they’re living off of crossovers. Superman and Rick? Come on.

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