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  1. As an English Bulldog “owner” myself, I always try to caution people considering this breed: **do not buy from a breeder or puppy mill.**

    I work with an English Bulldog rescue and there are ample bulldogs who need a loving home. They are *great* dogs, but the average lifespan is only 7 years.

    The English Bulldog has been overbred for a century and the modern version suffers from a host of genetic issues. They suffer from breathing issues, eye issues, joint issues amongst other things. The modern version cannot even be born naturally because the heads are too wide–they must be removed by C-Section. There is so little genetic diversity left that many reputable folks believe the breed can’t be saved.

    That said, there are a few modern recreations of the English Bulldog that have been created to avoid the health complications. Most of the recreated breeds are larger and don’t have the smashed-in nose.

    I don’t mean to be a downer, but as someone who *loves* English Bulldogs, I implore people to adopt or foster from a rescue. Just educate yourself on the breed because they are expensive (health-wise) and absolutely cannot be outdoor dogs.

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