GTA 6 Vice City Map Leak is EXCITING!

Today we discuss this GTA 6 Vice City Map & Why it could be the real map! This map looks very similar to how Rockstar would design their maps.

Previous Rockstar title, Red Dead Redemption 2 had many leaks and screenshots of gameplay including the map in 2016 way before rockstar announced the game. Could we be seeing the same for GTA 6? If this Vice City Map is real, GTA 6 is going is to be huge!

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Video Contents

GTA 6 Vice City Leaked
GTA 6 Vice City Map Real
GTA 6 Map Leak

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  1. That map looks it features a modernized version and and updated version of vice city with the gator keys(Florida keys) and gaurma(Cuba) from rdr 2 but updates with building and roads that other island is probably Colombia or Brazil

  2. Looks to be a smaller map but I reckon it's gonna be very dense and every building will be accessable and all that.

    Either bigger map – Less dense
    Smaller map – Very dense

    I rather smaller map

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