How Gabbie Hanna becomes the MONSTER in every situation



  1. CID!! You just got a shoutout from the frenemies podcast, which is probably going to be one of the most watched videos cos Trish just quit 🤷🏻‍♀️ but yay for you!!! I hope you see heaps more subscribers cos I’ve been loving your content

  2. the fact this all kinda started to come to light how shit she was was when she was getting made fun of for the monster song like lmao…. foreshadowing

  3. Yo Cid you should cover Creepshowarts allegations, shes defended gabbie through everything as well and was the one that pushed her to send her poetry book to Rachel Oates

  4. One of Gabbie’s biggest problems is she apologizes by going “I’m so sorry, but here’s why I’m right anyways” like with the makeup brushes, and with the joke stealing, and Trisha, etc etc. I think if she ever apologized sincerely my head might explode

  5. I’m not in a place to say if Gabbie has ADHD or not, but I suspect that she is using the recent increase in awareness from popular mental health advocates on tiktok to her advantage. “Blaming” her toxic behavior on ADHD is harmful to the neurodivergence acceptance movement.

  6. I feel like nor enough people highlight the fact that not only was Rachel’s review not bullying, but gabbie LITERALLY SENT IT TO HER FOR HER TO REVIEW. and then turns around and says “I only take criticism from actual critics!” She went after Rachel because Rachel’s criticism made sense and wasn’t just senseless trolling like a lot of others. Rachel’s had substance and THAT was what was threatening. She couldn’t just brush off Rachel’s review as someone trolling, and subsequently struggled to face actual criticism. And then she lashed out.

  7. You have such a soothing voice and way of saying every single words. I love watching your videos because you give your audience a chance to make up their own mind about the subjects and I think that’s what most ‘drama’ channels lack. (I mean drama channel in the nicest way possible) Great content and a great person, keep it up:)

  8. OMG ! Call me stupid but I had no idea that Andrew and Gabby where an item at one point 😂 maybe cos I never watch gabby. Totally looking at Andrew in a different light now. . .

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