How I Got My Schools Worst Teacher Fired (tiktok) #shorts



  1. Yeah I forget now u can get hearing aids and let them be bluetooth headphones. Most of these airpods are these days even I have my Just Soundz wireless earbuds 🤣 and I'm deaf in one ear which is why it annoys ppl when I have my phone volume on full blast. And ask me to turn it down either that or they think I'm ignoring them. In clubs more ppl have told me to take them out, um no, bc when ppl talk to me and they're yelling over the loud music I still can't hear my friends, but funny enough once I out my earbuds in my ears I can hear them clearly. I can't hear good on my left. Which always annoys me as my Dad puts the tv on loudly so he can hear it in the kitchen while he's cooking and then when he's talking I have to place my earbuds in bc I can't hear him over the tv bc my right ear is facing the lounge room and my left is facing him. Has anyone else experienced something similar?

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