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  1. Wow…smh. That's a person who is really difficult to deal with. I know the term gets tossed around lightly, but Gabbie Hanna is a really experienced gaslighter and narcissist. I could not have a "discussion" with her.

  2. Gabbi is causing actual trauma to every person she publicly shows any beef with big or small creators (mostly small because why would we pick on someone our own size?). When you start causing trauma to others the mental health defense goes out the window because she is CHOOSING not to get help. You can't tell me she can't afford it.

  3. it's frankly disgusting that gabbi didn't even bother to stop when jessi was having a panic attack and crying.. so disgusting, she's a terrible human being and i have no sympathy for someone that would treat an SA victim like that.

  4. I think the whole defense of Gabbie Hanna by predominantly male commentators is because at the height of her popularity, she was the epitome of "I'm not like other girls". I feel like her whole Vine/internet persona was fueled by misogyny and the "pick me" mentality: "Bro look how edgy I am. I totally get dude humor lol I'm not like other girls who are into makeup and the Kardashians lmao why are you offended? It's called comedy"
    As a former "not like other girls" girl, I can see how appealing that can be when you're not conventionally pretty by society's standards, so you morph into someone you think others will like. Hence her association with r-ists and people who s.a. others, or individuals who apologize for those who have s.a.'d/r'd others.
    That's just my theory since at that time, men were being very vocal about characteristics they did not like in women. (In my opinion, allegedly, for entertainment purposes only)
    Of course my aforementioned statements are not an excuse for Gabbie Hanna or her apologists. I was merely providing context for why I believe she has apologists in her corner.
    Peace and healing to Jessi Smiles ❤️💙

  5. Gabbie really needs help and to just get off of technology period until she gets it. Trying to make Jessie smiles apologize and for what? Gabbie is the one who is a rape apologist. If anyone needed to apologize it’s Gabbie. Brings me back to the trauma I endured in college by someone who acted to me just like Gabbie has. I had a mental breakdown and an anxiety attack over the abuse and then the woman spread rumors to people that I was the full of shit person. People like her and Gabbie won’t stop while they have hella yes folk and hella social media’s around them. She(Gabbie) has to be stopped.

  6. Telling a r- victim that you 'just want it to be over' in relation to people rightfully judging you for being an r- apologist over HER TRAUMA is like fuckin…W O W. I mean I didn't think the bar was that high for Gabbie anymore but I didn't know it was at Marianas Trench low and she still can't reach it.

    Also in relation to what you said regarding the male creators who defend Gabbie Hannah – I'd venture a guess that they have a vested interest in upholding r- culture and are more concerned about the possibility of false accusations being leveled their way than like idk actually respecting and protecting people from SA. It's the same mentality as the morons who are like WHAT SO WE CANT EVEN TALK TO A WOMEN ANYMORE BECAUSE WE'LL GET IN TROUBLE FOR HARASSMENT. No. No you won't. And if you're not confident enough that that would never happen – maybe it's time to take a serious look at your own behavior and take a moment to seriously reflect because normal men who treat people with respect and know how to respect boundaries don't spend ANY time worrying about that shit.

  7. If GH doesn’t shut her mouth and let jessi talk oh my goddddd the manipulation is just disgusting. Also turning the spotlight on herself is so sick. I hope she gets kicked from all her platforms

  8. Mental illness is an explanation, not an excuse. (from a person who has survived rape/abuse as a teen and has been formally diagnosed and medicated for ADHD, PTSD, and MDD.
    While I agree Gabbie’s behavior is vile I’m honestly not sure she is currently operating from a position of sanity. I hope she is able to have a moment of clarity and seek professional help.
    My heart aches for Jessie.

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