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Ray Parlour told talkSPORT on Tuesday morning that ‘over the last 20 years’ Chelsea have been the bigger club than Arsenal.

But he thinks, over history, Arsenal still edge Chelsea, who won their second European Cup last week.

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Whilst Arsenal fans have endured one of their worst periods over the last 15+ years, they have watched those in Chelsea colours utterly dominate the footballing landscape in London.

And it has raised the question as to whether Chelsea have now overtaken Arsenal as the biggest club in London.

“I think globally Arsenal are bigger than Chelsea,” said Parlour. “If you go around Asia, and those sorts of countries because they had that period, especially in Africa as well – So, you still have that sort of fanbase.

“If the argument over the last 20 years then it has to be Chelsea. Two Champions League winners. More Premier League titles. I would love to say Arsenal.

“If you are going to go the whole club itself over all the years then it’s probably Arsenal because you go by how many trophies they have won. But last 20 years, it’s definitely Chelsea.”

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The fact that Arsenal have never lifted the European Cup/Champions League, will always haunt them until they get over that line.

But they still have a much richer history than those in London, even with their decline in recent years and Chelsea’s huge success.

One thing is for sure, under the ownership of Roman Abramovich, Chelsea will keep plugging away and chugging down those trophies.

It’s just a case of whether Arsenal can get their act together and return back to their glory days.

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