Indianapolis Colts vs. Pittsburgh Steelers | NFL Week 16 Game Preview

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  1. drago 🥊 👱🏼‍♂️ always says it best – 🗣 they will lose…

    🗣 and will lose…to the browns
    and will lose there first playoff game

    and lose AGAIN in year 2021 2022 2023 2024 and on on and on seasons to…

  2. Im a steelers fan the steelers went from 11 and 0 undefeated to 11 and 3 3 strength lose in a row but Steelers fans its not over hope they win this week but win or lose dose matter what matters is winning in the playoffs that what matters. Should not worry about the colts should worry about beating kc in the playoffs

  3. If the rest of the AFC don't start looking over their shoulders @INDY,
    COLTS just might blow right past em' into the # 2seed… cuz they all know they are going to be there w/@least da' #4-5seed!!!
    Hmmmm …???

  4. This is the Colts game I was most excited for this season Pittsburgh’s been bad lately but they have had Indy’s number hopefully the Colts can turn things around and finally beat Pittsburgh it’s been a long time coming lol gotta keep Rivers needs to keep his streak of no INT’s alive and O-line gotta keep him upright too should be a damn good one

    Let’s Go Colts!!!

  5. Hell!! We wouldn't even be having a discussion bout' my CoLTs if they hadn't played game 1 vs. da JaGs like it was pre-season!!! Everybody Will be jumping on the Big Blue Wagon tho after we go into Heinz' and keeps their loSin' train rolling!! GO I-N-D-Y!!

  6. Pittsburgh needs this bad but with just how good the colts defense is and the Steelers defense has just been falling I got the colts there offense and defense is gonna be on 🔥 I got em 34-28

  7. Steelers 38 Colts 31!!! Let's go Steelers!!! Steelers nation unite!!! The Pittsburgh Steelers have got to bounce back against the Indianapolis Colts in a big hurry so, that the Pittsburgh Steelers will be in the playoffs!!!

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