Jimmy Graham's 1-Handed TD Into the Slime

As time expired, Mitch Trubisky finds Jimmy Graham for a 19-yard touchdown. The Chicago Bears take on the New Orleans Saints during Super Wild Card Weekend of the 2020 NFL postseason.

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  1. All of a sudden, NBC and freakin' FOX's credibility has gone up in my book!
    Remember all those cool NFL on NBC intros from 1978 to 1997? Go watch those. Lots more fun than this.
    Can't wait to see how horrible the ratings on Nickelodeon is when compared to CBS affiliates!
    Also, the Loud House cartoon needs a change of direction, and be reborn as a Jonny Quest or M.A.S.K. cartoon (instead of the poor man's Three Friends & Jerry Show that it is right now). And if you make the Louds grown up (to compensate the serious direction), you can include the sin kids (Loan, Liena, Lyra, Liby, Lacy, Lemy, Lupa, Lizy, Leia, Lulu and Lani) as well (minus the Cersei/Jaime Lannister references). Also, a Loud House video game needs to play like Breath of Fire 3 or Final Fantasy 6, period.
    Permission to copy and paste elsewhere granted. Especially to Nickelodeon accounts!

  2. Don't forget, that Nickelodeon is the network that doesn't have the balls to broadcast serious action/adventure cartoons like Spiral Zone and Galaxy Rangers, unlike the old Cartoon Network, which had Swat Kats and Centurions back in the day.

    Permission to copy and paste elsewhere granted. Especially to Nickelodeon accounts!

  3. what a shame the offence players lost the game by making stupid penalties starting with the sure touchdown and personal penalties even though the defense played a fantastic game the entire game.

  4. I don't usually blame the refs, but this was all the refs fault. The moment they called that unsportsmanlike bullshit and stopped the bears touchdown, the game was over. Sure the saints probably would have won, but at least it would have been competitive ffs

  5. I'm getting old, fell asleep during the colts bills game. Fell asleep during the Titans Ravens game and decide to continue sleeping through this game but seems it was a good decision. Ready for Brown Steelers!

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