Jordan Love in a ‘no-win situation’ due to Aaron Rodgers | Pro Football Talk | NBC Sports

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  1. At least people will finally see just how much Rodgers carried the Packers, always been curious of that myself. My bet is it’s even more than people think. I think that team will totally bomb. Without that dynamic Rodgers offense that can’t be imitated, and he seemed to pull off regardless of roster, puts immense pressure on the D. The script will be totally flipped.

  2. Love is a 1st round bust…but the woke media covers for him. Mack Jones goes 8 for 11, which the woke media describes as ''bad'', yet the same woke media ''feels'' for Love who is said to be in a ''no-win'' situation.

  3. I don't see why it's a no win situation because he is replacing an alltime great. Was Rodgers in a no win situation once Favre left?
    Methinks Florio's envy is showing (again…).

  4. Aaron Rodgers has put himself in a no-win situation, because Rodgers will either sit out for a year, retire, or he'll come back to the Packers with his tail between his legs… if the Packers does nothing. And if he sits out for a year, and then returns, it will be a lot harder to get them bones moving when he's 39 yrs old.

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