Kardashian-Jenners Rate Their Shadiest Clapbacks | KUWTK Bonus Scene | E!

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  1. Kim there are people that are dying is THE quote from this whole show what is Khloe on?! Has all that surgery got to her head or something? She is so annoying now. She used to be one of my favourites too but now it's just Kourtney and Kris.

  2. Kylie looks very old 35 atleast and khloe face look injured I mean imagine when they are 50 …am sure kris with her walking stick will be on their side as they visit and make a Kardashian botched episode with dr dubrow and dr nas

  3. No wonder kourt was so aggressive and agitated this whole time , it sucks to see your best sister change and gang up with others against you , hurtful , yet khloe continues to .

  4. Khloeee doesn't want to disappoint Kim by rating her too low – she's been too long with her head up Kim's backside – figuratively speaking – you can clearly see that she's still bathing in Kim's 'shadow' and it's time she grabbed her balls back…

  5. Wow, something happened to Khloe. And I'm not talking about plastic surgery. She promotes kindness and "treat people the way you want them to treat you" and blah blah blah and at the same time she seems like the most toxic person in the family

  6. Khloe’s nose got smaller but in a bad way I’m sorry that’s not cute doesn’t go with her face 🤦🏻‍♀️ she honestly looked better before if you go watch her first seasons of keeping up… looks like Michael Jackson’s nose now 👎🏻

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