Kardashian-Jenners Take Last Family Trip: "KUWTK" Katch-Up (S20, Ep11) | E!

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  1. Anytime there’s some big drama no matter how heartbreaking it may be all I can see behind Kim’s eyes is that she’s loving it and thinking of all the attention and money she’s gonna make.

  2. Sometimes I thing Khloe and Kim are really jealous of Kourtney!! Kourtney knows what she wants from a partner and she knows how things woth Scott would be! I am happy she is with Travis she seems happy! On the other side Khloe has forgotten that Tristan is a cheater and she is trying to represent something else Enough he is a cheater he won't change someone wake her up!!! About Kim I think that she tried her best with Kanye hopefully the could be at least friendly between them for the kids that only what matters!!

  3. So glad that Kourtney values herself and didn't get back together with a cheater. The Universe rewarded her for her patience and now she is with a good man who thinks the world of her.

    People like Scott because he's funny and the life of the show but people are forgetting that Scott cheated multiple times on Kourtney and treated her badly. Scott is another Tristan but we are not ready to have that conversation.

    Glad that Kourtney is not another Khloe though.

  4. Let’s ask Kim WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN WITH YOU AND KANYE, RIGHT NOW, GIVE ME A FCKING ANSWER, NOW, RIGHT NOW, WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH YOU AND KANYE! Why is it ALWAYS them pressuring Kourtney? Jesus, look after your own and mind your business! Kim’s marriage with Kanye is a trainwreck and Tristan is a flop of a man in general – who tf do you think you are to be questioning Kourtney?

  5. Aiii Kim needs to grow up sana ngeke.how old is she kanene? first Kanye wanted to move to Chicago and you shut that down, then he wants to move to Wyoming and it's a big fight AGAIN….when you move it does not mean it's the end of your life….kanye was slaving around the world for you but now the tables have turned you CAN'T DO IT…. awuuu chaa byanong 😏😏

  6. If what we saw on the show was even a tenth of the effort Kourtney put in to keeping her family together, Scott has truly had his chance(s). Even before Khloe and her relationships, Kourtney was the one putting up with all kinds for the sake of keeping Scott and the kids together. They need to give her a break and trust that if she could be with him she would, but he just hasn’t truly changed.

  7. OMGGGG!!!! 💃💋💕🎉✨🎉For 14 YEARS🙌🙌 * BENNY DRAMA Voice*🤣 love them or hate them —- they did their thing , & built EMPIRES💯💯 hahaha WINNNNING 👑👑🥂 GRRRLPOWER !! Cheers to that! Not goodbye its see ya later! Muahz XB 😘

  8. Am I the only one that thinks Amelia (Scott’s girlfriend) is dumb asf for being with him first he’s old af for her he can be her dad and Scott keeps saying I love kourtney I wish kourtney was more affected by our relationship he’s obviously just using her to make kourtney jealous which is it working she’s with Travis and she’s seems genuinely happy it seems that Amelia is comfortable being the second option and that’s sad af

  9. One has a cheater, one had one with mental health… And they have the audacity to try and get their sister back with someone whos also toxic… What dumb sisters!!! They just so unhappy they cant bare to see kourtney happy… This is what happens when you meddle in others lives for far too long… Karma… Kourtney will have lasting happiness because she knows the true meaning of a healthy relationship unlike her sisters!

  10. Kim should just enjoy life like Kourtney do her stuff in the downlow if she wants, now she's going to be in Kourtneys shoes wen she would try to expose Kourt and wanted to do her getaways &to be kept a secret but its going to be harder for Kim cause she's the actual eye of the lense she's going to know how that feels were all human tho 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. But Kourt should distance herself from him also. Like she has done now, with Travis.

    Im curious like what are her "rules" he needs to take in consideration!? Does he drink secretly, take drugs?? He didnt cheat on Sofia. He has money and business? It would have been intetesting to understand what needs to change….

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