Matt Garstka going off on a Twitch stream



  1. Yo Matt what is the exact model of the left side crash you are using just above the hats near the 10” splash?! That bitch SLAPPIN YO I want two of them so I don’t have to buy Zildjian or paiste to get something similar🤣!!!!

  2. BEAST! LOOK FIT AF! You are a Legend! Don't allow anyone to stop you pouring out and inspiring the rest of this world at the LEVEL YOU DO.

    Thank you for opening up Matt in the last video. I'm going through the same thing. You are not defined, by the people that used you and hurt you.
    Know that every day when you look in that mirror and doubt yourself at any point.
    – Keep inspiring us and the next version of yourself!

  3. Buddy boy, like a year ago you posted a shirtless pic and you said you weren’t entirely satisfied with your body but you were gonna show it off shamelessly. Fast forward to today…. Jesus Christ you got beefy. Like, with a quickness. Holy shit.

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