Mortal Kombat Movie 2021 Spoiler Discussion w/ Molly Bee and Dan

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  1. I give the mk movie 5 out of 10 the fighting scenes are good but story telling ah it's a lot to be desire,y'all may have forgot to mention about goro what did y'all think of the CGI?

  2. This movie was a five brunette even without it being a bad mortal kombat movie……what future movie….Goro is dead! The champion of MK….milleena the princess is dead! Killed by noobs….bruh this movie pissed me off and now there's no shaolin monks….cause they killed kung lao and no kano soon what Sonya motivation now…oh its al about Cole Young now the most boring and unnecessary char ever…now u have Shang tsung talking about armies… they're going right to MK3 just prepare for another annihilation

  3. Honestly I give it a 5. Was great because I love MK but a lot of improvements need to be done especially story wise,music wise and visually as well. I almost feel like a was watching a different movie from the first 20 min of the movie to the rest of the movie. I think if it had kept the same feel we had in the beginning it could have been much better.

  4. I give it 6 out of 10.the beginning and the end fight was great but the story was all over the place.cole wasn't needed his role as the audience was kano basically and that what Johnny was and last some of the characters wasn't represented good.

  5. The movie is actually 7/10 for me

    Great fight scenes
    Great first and middle part of the movie
    Made for fans
    Josh fucking Lawson

    Boring protagonist
    Too early deaths
    Bad villain introductions especially reiko
    Unexplained logics
    Underutilized awesome characters like Liu Jax and lao

  6. As a whole I think this movie was good there were some definitely some flaws like some characters were wasted but I'm happy they didn't just copy and paste the games into the movie and im excited for the saga to continue.

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