OMG woman E@t man d!€k leaked video/ Romeich laughing at Spice / beenieman d!$$ kartel

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  1. Bredda vybz kartel been a do him thing bro, now as soon as a artist buss dem want start compete with vybz kartel den dem say di man a fight dem… yea man start fire and think uno can run from it 😅😅😅

  2. Bob Marley dead and gwaan and still king of reggae, yellow man was crown king yellow man Elvis Presley dead how long and still king for rock & roll so why Beenie man can’t say him a king of dance hall? You do know each & every artist have their fans & most beenie man fans a big ppl now like my fans & will never b a Gaza r kartel fan so Beenie will always b king to his fans. I’m a fan of Kartel mavado alkaline ect I think the new artist frm kartel to now r good but can’t get along & that’s the sad thing about it. There were many kings over the world so why it has to b one king in dancehall 🤔

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