Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Warns Of Escalating Tensions With China | The Mehdi Hasan Show

50 years after leaking the Pentagon Papers, Daniel Ellsberg has more documents to release. The 90-year-old discusses the U.S. government’s 1958 plans on whether to nuke mainland China and how they remain relevant today.

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  1. Daniel Ellsberg, we salute you! You're a courageous man and a hero to humankind and human civilisation!

    A nuclear war between 2 superpowers in the 21st Century will practically innihilate the warring nations and other innocent bystanders, no matter who started it! Hopefully the risk Daniel Ellsberg takes will not be in vain! Unfortunately the US military-industrial complex through the US government, which uses the US CIA/NED, Western MSM and the US Big Tech, are controlling the narratives of demonising and dehumanising China and brainwashing the naive and ignorant Americans, Europeans, Australians, and their lapdogs in Asia! The lives of these fools are of no concern for the elites in the US government or its military-industrial complex! All these predatory capitalists care for is to sell more killing machines for more profits! US government, regardless of political party or presidents, have fought 225 years out of its 244 years' history! If that doesn't start a peace revolution in the US and the West, then the Western people and society have failed miserably from the intelligence, moral and humanity aspects!

  2. "The public doesn't want to hear," should never be an acceptable excuse for quieting the truth. We need to be informed of what we should know or be aware of, anything less is underestimating the public. Keeping the public ignorant is unacceptable, we should not be treated as infants and young children, but respected with truth.

  3. If the US goes to war with China, it will be a war that the US starts just like we started Vietnam, Iraq and now Syria all for nothing. I lived in Taiwan for over 4 years and I spoke at a conference at the Academia Sinica and my writings have appeared in The Taipei Times which is Taiwan's only English language newspaper with a daily printed edition. It is a mainstream Taiwanese idea that the US should start a war with China. Specifically, Paul Lin (林保華) is frequently on TV and print and conferences saying that the US should start bombing China now.

  4. Daniel looks very sprightly & healthy physically and mentally for a 90 year young person. He sounds light years more rational, thoughtful & sensible than those in capitol hill and the white house.

  5. Western media is whipping up anti China sentiment to support an eventual war on China. Sanctions didn't work. The plandemic didn't work. Biden is furiously tying up as many alliances as possible, 5 eyes, G7, G20, Quad. When they are desperate enough to buy oil from iran and trying to make friends with Russia, yes, it means a war on China is the only option left and a nuclear strike is the only way for the US to take China down.

  6. Sad that mainstream 2021 GOP have abandoned forgotten principles (once stood for) in exchange for personal cultism, idol worship, and hope for temporary power….

    ….The sad political culture the Founding Fathers, Abraham Lincoln, and aware throughout American history warned Americans against.

    As Edmund Burke point out long ago, both more conservative and more liberal perspectives are needed for a viable democracy.

    The 2021 GOP = CINO'"S — i.e., CONSERVATIVES IN NAME ONLY ! Very sad for the USA

  7. Understand, Taiwan is a SOVEREIGN nation, It is a part of Red China only by Red China's claims–no more than a claim on India for all the Chinese that ran there. Chinese people did run to be in Taiwan; they did not bring Red China govt with them.
    "Red China" is the former name for the mainland used in USA newspapers to recognize the TWO places with the world.

  8. To think how popular the 1958 Cadillac Eldorado is today with collectors and how remarkable those symbolic missiles are embedded in the front bumper. It would be strange if that represented the beginning of a chapter or era that has not been completed.

  9. History of humanity, is, a history of insanity; with a flash of brilliance every century or two.
    It is about time a sane world sane social consciousness takes over. the old thinking of slavery and human degradation needs to go,

  10. Daniel Ellsberg better not be indicted for releasing papers to educate the public on the horrors of nuclear war, especially when treasonous people and insurrectionists like DT and company are able to walk around free!!!

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