In today’s video we go over all of the new skins in PUBG season 12 including the new PCS4 Pick Em Challenge, New El Solitario Skins, and the new progressive skins that can be upgraded over time. I also outline the two ways that you can earn them for free by using your weekly BP allowance and completing the weekly challenge missions.

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Video TimeStamps:
0:00 – Start Here For Big Brain
0:40 – Season 12 Skin Review
1:00 – El Solitario Skins
2:29 – PCS4 Skins
4:20 – Contraband Skin System
7:10 – Scrap Broker
8:26 – Weapon Analysis
8:53 – Salvage Old Skins
9:46 – How To Earn FREE Skins
13:08 – Final Thoughts & Opinion On Loot System

I can’t shake the PUBG itch, so that’s most of what you’ll find here. Tips n Tricks / Guides will be posted along with tournament highlights from the oGc community for PUBG PC and Xbox.

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  1. Timestamps in video but here's a TLDR; I don't think supporting this system in its current state is a GOOD idea. Take advantage of the TWO ways that you can earn the skins for FREE utilizing weekly BP limits and daily event challenges 🙂

    Aside from the "gambling/micro-transaction" method…I actually DO like the skins that are available in the crates for the most part…What do you think?

  2. That ain't a battlestat Tommy! That's a battlestat vector! God, I wish there was a battlestat Tommy! My first 3 pulls were the Trifecta – Micro UZI, Psycho Killer – SCAR-L, and the Gold Plate – AKM.

  3. Hello
    I want to buy Gold AKM but I saw there ware 2 different gold plate AKM available in Market.
    What is the difference between "Unique Gold Plate" and "Gold Plate" .
    Which is the good to buy.

  4. My Duo partner got the Beryl first crate. I spent 3600 g coin and got it. My problem is you need another one to get the schematics. So you need 3 schematics and a ton of polymers for the first upgrade. That SUCKS

  5. I see Pubg is implementing Pubg mobile loot crate system. It's a great way to boost their revenue but I doubt it will work cuz this is completely a different audience.

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