Rob Gronkowski on Super Bowl LV Win: "The players here were ready to win"

Listen in on Rob Gronkowski’s postgame interview. The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers during Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay.

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  1. I am so glad they won

    So many haters came out talking bad about the 🐐 ,he's too old he's done he needs to retire ! Now look at them Brady this Brady that ,, Tom shut them up big time!!!
    Gronk you are the man big dog….

  2. Was ready to win!!!! He speaking facts. We was trending up. Every Chiefs comeback I wrote they wouldn’t do that to the Bucs, we get Brady and Gronk/Fournette and we win it the very next year of me saying that. Go Bucs 😎😤

  3. the chiefs have been affected by the incompetence and total ROBERY BY ARBITRATION and that guy must be investigated and fire by his incompetence. It looks like been arranged

  4. The commercials this year weren’t that good 😞 at least in my opinion the halftime show was better though the cheif fought hard but it just wasn’t-there game tonight they where not on the same page with there receivers I love how they had handled this loss Patrick Mahoms is a great quarterback and he will keep fighting for his team I love how the cheifs are not sore loser about this there is always next year congrats bucs you fought hard👍🏼🔥🏈 I’m a Steelers fan btw but I do like the cheif as my second favorite team

  5. Biden and Dems thought they were going to shut the lights off in 4th Quarter, send everyone home and come back in the morning and say the Chiefs won.

  6. Gronk :Buccaneers organization are ready to win
    Meanwhile Manchester United fans : Glazers are taking our money and putting it there!
    Hopefully Glazers take this as a cue to give more importance to Tampa and f**k off from Man United

  7. I love Gronk so much lol. As both a player and a human. He’s so good, and he always plays at his best level, and brings such a great attitude to every game, and has fun in every game and snap he plays.

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