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  1. Hey y'all! Director and writer here, this was my directorial debut as my thesis film for the University of Texas at Austin's RTF program. We made this in about 4-5 months of time back in 2018 (including all post-production). There's definitely a lot I wish I could go back and change, but I'm very happy with what we were able to create with our team. Please feel free to ask any questions! Oh, and there's quite a few easter eggs in here too 😉

  2. There was no radiation source, so…?
    Ah ok, everything was pretty much a computer glitch.
    ¹the countdown timer was off
    ² the launch location was off(the astronaut was apparently driving towards the rocket, but it lifted off behind him?
    ³the radiation sensors show radiation where there is none(he climbed through a window of some sort to-?) Also, the cat couldn't have survived in a radioactive environment, so something else must have been the cause for pushing humans away from earth and to Iris.

  3. Great as all dust features are. But! Im getting really sick of these go nowhere story's. Unless you're planning of making series, a beginning, middle & most importantly a proper ending to you're short is essential

  4. The dad was about to select a vinyl record of Rush: Moving Pictures, when the cat distracted him. He later found that the lethal radiation was emanating from the rap section of the store. He discovered man's fatal mistake.

  5. I'm confused… Was the boy and the astronaut the same person, or was that two different people? And what happened with the radiation thing? Did he turn it off, or did he acomplish nothing, añd lost his ride on top of it ?

  6. Good student film. The idea of a post-apocalyptic world with clean streets, orderly stores, and an operating electrical grid doesn't work. As for the car, the battery would have been long dead. You should have had him find an older muscle car with a clutch he could have pushed out of a garage onto a downhill road to jump-start by dumping the clutch. Science fiction with FTL travel is acceptable, just don't violate actual reality, like that world still having electrical power. The CGI work was excellent, as was the set design for the off-world location.

  7. Nice story. There could be a part 2 where we the sons mission. I wonder if the drone would have enough power to last until the next mission arrives so it could transmit the collected data that included the radiation source. There seemed to be one mistake(?) in the short. We see the shuttle going up but Shepherd was in the car apparently driving away from where the shuttle had landed.

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