Season 7 ALIENS Tonight, TRAILER (Jones v Foundation), UFO Gameplay!

Fortnite New Season 7 Update – Season 7 ALIENS Tonight, TRAILER (Jones v Foundation), and UFO Gameplay are what we discuss today!

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  1. Vaulted: all primal and mechanical weapons, spaz, SMG (grey-purple), Rocket launcher (gold-purple)

    Unvault: heavy shotgun, charged shotgun, drum shotgun, hunting rifle, heavy sniper, tactical smg, suppressed AR, suppressed pistol, burst AR he, Rocket Launcher (grey- blue) and grenade launcher

  2. Anyone realise how in the crop circle image with the map the three dots on the outer ring are directly on craggy, Holly, and retail if you shift it up a bit to fit exactly

    Map changes perhaps

  3. You know with aliens coming, that could open up a whole new weapon category being all the laser guns in save the world. Kind of like how we had Primal and mechanical weapons this season.

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