Should Twitch Ban HOT TUB STREAMERS?!

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Twitch has been infested with a new meta to garner viewers. People like Amouranth are strutting their stuff in hot tubs & kiddies pools wearing little clothing. It’s started a heated debated amongst the community. Should the platform remain for gamers & ban hot tub streamers cringe or are things being blow out of proportion?

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  1. Bro the fact that you have to hop in a hot tub for views kills me. Like bro it’s borderline porno it’s like live acting ecchi. Yes ban tf out these good ball girls. It’s a gaming platform

  2. Yesterday it was Onlyfans, the day before it was "titty streamers" and tomorrow it'll be something else. I say if you can figure out a way to get a bag without hurting anyone then more power to you. Life is too short and living is way too expensive to worry about being "decent" for strangers on the internet

  3. My issue with it is that the women that do this feel entitled and say things like “ I’ve worked hard to get here” lol… nah, you took the path of least resistance and got half naked knowing that these pimple faced virgins would steal the credit cards 💳 of their parents and max it or donating to you all so that they could get that adrenaline dose of you saying their name giving them acknowledgment.

  4. It's funny 'cause I moderate a hot tub streamer 'cause the homie said he needed some assistance, it's really no big deal for me whether they do it or not. I do see people coming into the chat talking shit saying whatever, and I'm just deleting and blocking away. Lol! And like you said, why go there to watch if you "hate" it so much. Lol!

    Other than that, I'm glad to see you spreading out to do more podcast, this is dope, keep at it. Here's to much success to you both.

  5. i mean they are stealing our viewers i went from 25 viewers when i used too stream in 2017 till 2021 now with the hot tub stream my regulars are not showing up also i went from 25 too 9 viewers. for us small streamers it does hurt us those that are grinding 3 hours or 5 hours or 8 hours legit i stream 4 hours a day. but ya can say there not stealing your viewers cause your well established on the internet .all well-established YouTubers or streamers are all saying there not stealing viewers when us smaller streamers cannot say that shit cause they kind of are .my friend how went from 35 too 40 viewers per stream now streams too 15 viewers now we both up coming streamers we been streaming for the same year 3 years .

  6. That category makes no sense like all the gambling and pokemon card craze but i joined twitch for gaming to if i see cool stuff i watch that this stuff making the TOS it's bitch bro.
    all those takes on Twitter by checkmarks were as what i'd expect but i knew Twitch pre amazon, most doing hot tub streams did prob in 2018 to banking off lonely dudes with low effort those with actual skill dream of animators, GFX artist, music artist it's rewarding the wrong thing on the wrong site man.

  7. But hold on, here’s the thing though, even though I might be wrong, I didn’t research this, but I thought that twitch was made to stream video games from the very beginning, when did It change from that,to streaming whatever you want🤔, plus, some of the companies from twitch usually banned who ever they want to banned when other people are doing the exact same thing as the other streamers are doing.

  8. Aye man, there’s an audience for everything. And trust me when I say that these hot tub streams ain’t going away any time soon. Also these “streamers” gotta do better. Elevate your content.

  9. I don’t get the appeal of hot tub streams, porn is free and everywhere. If women are of legal age and want to be half naked that’s their business, but I hope they understand that those types of streams are like only fans; a good idea now but maybe not in the future and it won’t last forever.

  10. I don't get these simps, why watch twitch, give money to a person that doesn't give two shits about you cause they get money left and right regardless, spend hundreds on the female just to get ur name on her body or whatever, if you down that bad just go watch porn and save some money

  11. I have clicked on the streams once before to see what is the hype.I don’t see how people are entertained watching someone do absolutely nothing

  12. They would just go to another platform, why lose the money from a business stand point. Simps have proven to follow these women wherever they go.

  13. Yea they should ban them. There is a website for that… It’s called Pornhub. Twitch is becoming a lite porn site. Woman that do that crap have no self-respect.

  14. Funny thing is a lot of these hot tub streamers have patreons and OFs where they post borderline SFW content which is arguable more tame than what they put on twitch

  15. I aleays have mixed feeling on topics like these because on one hand its def a get rich quick scheme but i often find myself more mad at the people watching this content because like u said why not just watch porn or camgirls or whatever?

  16. My big issue is the back and forth between women being banned kinda for just existing. having a skirt on, or having big boobs. Against TOS. But all of a sudden things they were banning people for willy nilly unless you were a big name, but now it's a whole category. It's also weird this video got posted as I was ranting about seeing it after logging into twitch after a few months. I think it's simply unfair to people who got shit for being scantily clad, busty or whatever previously, while being far less and unintentionally "provocative". The inconsistency of twitch TOS is the weird part.

  17. I think more of the problem people have with it is a lot of gamers are being banned for small stuff that they have no control over like a naked girl in a video game or something like that while there are half naked girls all over twitch.

  18. There’s naked women on YouTube like full blown naked. It’s just funny that women find loop holes to go outside TOS but guys gotta censor themselves when it comes to certain topics.

  19. Hot tubs streams are the most pointless shit alongside these new gambling streams. Ban them both and go back towards gaming… IRL is cool when people are exploring or doing some shit but these chicks just sitting with as little as possible baiting donos is just corny

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