So…How Did Jordan Love Do at the First Day of Packers Minicamp? | The Rich Eisen Show | 6/8/21

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  1. I’m a Packers fan and this is deja vu all over again. I didn’t like this when Favre did it and don’t like it any more now. I’m done with the drama. I’d like to see a deal with the Raiders for Carr. Make Carr the starter for next season and let’s play ball. Rodgers can stay in Hawaii for all I care. I’m done.

  2. Blowing up your entire locker room, pissing off your all-time great QB by drafting a total project of a QB in Jordan Love AND wasting a year of Love’s development because of COVID is a truly special kind of stupid. I don’t think we all realize how unique of a situation that Gutey caused here.

    Talk about putting Love in the worst possible position to succeed.

  3. I have climbed the mountain ⛰ and spoke with the ancient one who knows all and the ancient one said; Lord Bortles with a little Love will lead the Mighty Packers to the Championship as it is said let it be written and be done, Go Pack Go and good luck Mister Rodgers.

  4. Jordan Love is in an impossible situation. Anything less than Favre or Rodgers is an underachievement in the eyes of the fans. How many NFL teams have had back to back hall of fame QBs? I really hope Love has success, but I won't hold it against him if he isn't a hall of fame QB.

  5. If I was a coach in the NFL, and lord knows I should be, I would go out of my way, as a nod to the immortal Rich Eisen, to use all three phrases in my first press conference and ever so slightly, tip my hat.

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