SPIDERMAN No Way Home (2021) New Plot Leaks, Trailer Release, Electro Costume & Willem Dafoe Rumors

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  2. If I were to say that listening to you whisper these sweet nothings into my ear from my TV didn't give me a big fkn smile…. I'd be lying….. Spoiler Alert the future truly looks a lot brighter due to this movie! We all know the death is going to be MJ or Ned. It won't be a death for any other spider mans character since it's not THEIR movie. Part of me wonders if it's Tobeys SM to fit that Morbius MURDERER poster in that trailer? I mean but since Morbius got cancelled so Jared Leto could go back and reprise his role as Joker for ZSJL2.4 so….. w.e. man

  3. Seeing this dropped and having it expand on to Dr Strange and how it changes the MCU… Really kinda fresh…to think another 10+ years of this new MCU…lots stories and depth really to choose from…Fantastic 4, and the X-Men all breathing into what has been built…. Very excitinh stuff.

    Love the channel…keep it going!

  4. My prediction #1
    We will soon get the Hawkeye trailer since we got the Eternals trailer because Hawkeye is the next project after Eternals. This would be followed by the Ms. Marvel trailer, then the trailer for Spider-Man NWH.

    My prediction #2
    We will 3 trailers in 1 day like we did with Disney Investor's Day (Less likely)

  5. I think there would be no way Disney/Marvel would let the leaks ran rampant like that. Back in Endgame there were 6 version of the script if I'm not mistaken, and they shot several scenes to throw off the trail or misdirect leakers.

    For a movie as big as this, pretty sure it would be the same… But still, a very good video. Thanks for sharing these news.

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