Stephen A. reacts to Lakers vs. Suns Game 2: 'I'm very worried' about the Lakers | First Take

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  1. Can always count on him to say something unthinkable lol how can u possibly be worried about the lakers assuming LeBron ankle is reasonable. Series is over IMO. Especially with CP hurt as usual

  2. Regardless of the outcome of this series, I’m feeling really good about the Suns moving forward. They’ve got all the pieces in place to become a perennial contender for the next 10-15 years. Let the Lakers have this one. LeBron is 36 and in the early stage of his steep decline over the next couple years.

    Devin Booker is already developing into a superstar. DeAndre Ayton hasn’t even scratched the surface with his potential and dominated AD in his playoff debut. Mikal Bridges is a 3 and D versatile cannon and the X factor who fills in the important role on the wing. Oh and none of these guys are a day older than 24. We have our coach, we finally have a GM who has brought back the winning culture Phoenix is used to, and the roster is loaded with young talented role players from top to bottom with one of the deepest benches in the league. CP3 was the final piece we needed to come help these young guys develop and learn under his leadership. Experience was their only weakness and this series against the defending champs in round 1 of the playoffs give them check that box as well.

    Chin up, Suns fans.. future is bright!

  3. The Suns are a lot better than I thought but I am not worried about the Lakers. They are too big and more experience than the Suns. That being said the Suns are going be dangerous in West for awhile.

  4. SAS needs a break. What are you saying man. A team wins and you are worried about them because the other team showed some potential. This is by far the worst analysis by SAS.

  5. The NBA n refs will definitely help lebron win another championship like they have his whole career obvious blatant cheating and ESPN aka lefaud network will control the narrative in favor of the Lakers. I'm definitely not watching the corrupt NBA and the most overrated fraud n basketball history

  6. Monty Williams blew it by keeping Bridges out for most of the second half.

    Bron hasn’t even tried to score when Bridges guards him so far in this series.

  7. It would be great for a new BB league to emerge – called something like the “ United States Premier League” – instead of all this quasi-social activism it would focus on inspiring the country by playing great basketball. It would be politically neutral unlike the far left NBA.

  8. We don’t need Stephen A smith or his side kick that can’t afford to buy a razor to tell us about any team or players.
    These guys are out dated already.
    ESPN needs to move on from them or restructure their contracts.
    Trade them for Doris Burke and Van Gundy!
    We need unbiased opinions not a couple of Lebrun James and Dallas cowboys bandwagon hitchhiking sideline cheerleaders 📣 !
    “ mamma their goes that man!”

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