Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Detroit Lions | NFL Week 16 Game Preview

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  1. TB is only the GOAT when:

    1. He gets rid of the ball in less than 2.3 seconds.

    2. Runs unpredictable no-huddle drives throughout game to get his O in rhythm & opposing D tired.

    3. Constantly run to set up play action.

    4. He never gets hit more than 2 times per game.

    5. Throws bubble screens.

    6. Can audible to checkdowns.

    7. Throws underneath crossers.

    8. Only throws deep no more than twice a game when ONLY ONE SAFETY setup by run.

    9. Can only have LONG sustained drives to keep other O off field & let Buc D refreshed.

  2. Brady owns the month of December – best December winning % in NFL history ,big game, Rams lose to Seattle and Bucs win final two they play the NFC East in the playoffs

  3. All it takes for the Bucs to enter the playoffs is if they win, or the Bears lose. It's been a long time coming – even since they've had a playoff drought that lasted an entire decade!

  4. We're gonna enjoy beating the lions. Go Bucs! No Brady bandwagon fan here all day everyday Bucs Bucs Bucs. Not gonna lie though it's nice to have greatest quarterback of all time ..

  5. Buccaneers 45 Lions 42!!! Tom Brady will prevail against Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions!!! Tom Brady will throw some touchdowns to Rob Gronkowski and Antonio Brown to produce more and more chemistry on the football field!!! Lesean McCoy will score his first touchdown as a Tampa Bay Buccaneer when Tom Brady gives him the ball to score a touchdown!!! Let's go Buccaneers!!! Siege the day!!! I 🖤 TB #12!!!

  6. Mr Everything is going to win by 10 and shock the helll out of the Football world and become the new GM of the Lions in the off-season. Come to my trophy room I meant My office🎅🎄Merry Christmas

  7. Id say the lions upset the bucs 27-24 in a close one stafford takes them down the field for a game winning touchdown I can wishful think right but being from the future sure helps things lol I'm kidding but not about the upset

  8. 🦁vs☠️ stats

    Brady: 308yds 2 TDs INT
    Stafford: 348yds 2 TDs

    TB(121 rush yards)
    DET(95 rush yards)

    Jones Jr: 70yds TD
    Amendola: 35yds
    Hockenson: 55yds TD
    AB: 82yds
    Evans: 78yds TD

    Bucs 3 sacks
    Lions 2 sacks

    Lions win 29–24✔️

  9. I’m a falcons fan but this is not bias at all. I’ve only had Bucs losing about 6 games this year. But these last few weeks in nfl season are infamous for teams playing spoiler before the post season. This feels like a trap game. Who y’all got??

    Lions 29
    Buccaneers 24

  10. Lions fan here, our oline is trash and the Bucs have a good defensive line so Stafford will probably leave the games due to the ribs and Daniel will throw 2-3 picks. Our defense can't stop anyone, so Brady will have a field day throwing to those receivers. Tampa wins 48-17

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