Taylor Swift Live Performances with GUEST ARTISTS REACTION!!!! (Troye SIvan, Ed Sheeran & more)

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  1. You should check out more performancers of hers with other artists. She performed with selena gomez 3x, nicki minaj 2x, nick jonas(1989 tour), little mix (1989 tour), ryan tedder of one republic (1989 tour), ed sheeran (1989 tour), ellie goulding (1989 tour), the band perry (1989 tour), wiz khalifa (1989 tour), and so many more!!!

  2. Maybe I’m a little late now, but I really like Jason Mraz music, like really for a moment of peace in my mind I play him, Alicia Keys or John Mayer… btw you could react to a performance of Alicia and John at NYC, really good, I know you like him, it could be nice

  3. My favorite guest performances at her tours are “doubt” with Mary j. Blige due to the vocal performance/emotional connection to the song from Taylor, and “you’re so vain” by Carly Simon because I think Carly Simon and that song were really influential for Taylor’s writing

  4. You should react to Maren's music. She has a very country pop vibe. I love her music. I was actually suppose to see her live and then covid happened 🙁 But Maren writes all of her music and produces a lot of it too.

  5. A funny one she did was with Lisa Kudrow from friends when they did “ Smelly Cat”. Her and Ed did this song every night when he opened for her on the RED tour. Also, she invited him over to her house and she had started this song and she was playing it for him on her trampoline and the y finished it.

  6. With Taylor, she has them come sing one of their songs. A lot of others have guests come sing one of their songs with them. Also if you haven’t done it yet, the Robbie Williams one is great also she sang with some of the older artists. Mick Jagger, Carly Simon, Steven Tyler, Bryan Adams, Mary J Blige are some

  7. did you seriously seriously say "Jolene by that old white lady" seriously? i enjoy you so much but i CAN'T with the (even joking?) disrespect to Dolly Parton. again you're usually awesome but NO SIR.

    and if you're interested, Idina Menzel is an A-list Broadway legend (original cast of Rent, Wicked, many more) who was the voice of Elsa in Frozen, so yes she is the original singer of Let it Go. She joined Taylor on Halloween night at the 1989 tour. it may or may not have been Taylor's favorite but it was insanely popular at the time so it was a pretty clever audience-pleasing move by Taylor to sing it at her show.

  8. The disrespect to Mr. A-Z rn. I was a huge fan in the beginning of his career, even got to go to a pop up concert at my college and was literally within 10 feet away from him😭👏🏻 such an awesome night. My favorite albums are definitely Waiting for my Rocket to Come and Mr. A-Z – you should listen to them!

  9. you NEED to react to the blue neighborhood trilogy from troye. it’s 3 music videos and it’s AMAZING. i highly suggest that and then his blue neighborhood album

  10. She performed with Jlo on red tour . There's an officiallly recorded video of it on her channel. Her dancing is so bad and cute in it . It's so adorable. You need to watch it.

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