Team with Toughest Road Trip in 2021



  1. the truth is that the ravens have to say something to them in a while i and the ravens are in a good game of their offense in their offense of the offense that is not a power line in their own league or in their own offense in their own way i offense is a quarterback offense

  2. Notice The Cries from the NFL Drama Pushers. You know Carr will ALWAYS root for the Raiders unless his brother gets traded. He sounds like a Groupie more than a Brother and Baldie just came from the lounge after a few Apple Martin's.. He's just trying to get back there..😂😂😂

  3. The Browns literally have to play
    At Pittsburgh
    At Baltimore
    At Kansas City
    At Green Bay
    At LA
    At Minnesota
    And At the Patriots
    yeah…. that's pretty tough.

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