The Most Underrated Thing in Menswear is…Womenswear

Helloooo everyone, I’ve talked about this in the past a few times and I think even a few of you were surprised but one of the best kept secrets in menswear is actually..womenswear! So many pieces in my closet are actually from the womens section and you wouldnt even know it if I hadnt just told you! Do you guys have any pieces from the womens section? I think you can really upgrade your wardrobe and find unique pieces that you wouldnt normally find in the mens section.
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  1. Oh, no, you see, but I AM a woman and I watch your videos to get some more masculine clothing inspo! 😂 But I guess that just proves the point that gendered clothing is a construct and everyone should buy and be able to experiment with whatever they like! V cool video!

  2. Hi jordan I follow you since maybe 2 years on insta/youtube and I love your mind.
    I live in Paris and the mind isnt the same when I wear something a little bit différent or with color everybody look me like : 🤨🧐

    Sorry for my english, I love what you share and thank you for you’re inspiration ! Merci !

  3. Hey brother tell me if i want to by Dr. Martens long boots from ladies collection because Dr.M dont make them for men that often so what side should i bu my side is in 9/42 on zara

  4. Great vid! I have been buying more women's clothing as of late and honestly saved more doing so. A lot more go on sale in the women's section I think because more is manufactured for women than men. Also styles are more experimental on women than on men. And if a men's jacket would be cropped or would fit a certain way, it would cost you more than just looking at the women's were jackets usually fit more stylish and different.

    Clothing is unisex. If it fits, it fits. If you like it, wear it.

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