These Pickaxes Are All BROKEN!

There’s a nasty bug/glitch that is making A LOT of pickaxes annoying to use. In particular, the new Fret Basher pickaxe in the battle pass.

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  1. this is totally off topic, but last night i had a dream where you and Jakie were eating at a cafe place, and you put the camera down, and it showed your face. But you were all normal about it, you were literally saying hi to the camera because you knew that you face was on camera. pls heart this comment so i could know that you read it. thx, and happy b day to Ellie!

  2. I think they meant to change it to that. But it is too annoying and I can’t even use my favorite pickaxe anymore (leviathan axe). I have gone back to 2 handed pickaxes since

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