Throwback to Mahomes vs. Mayfield College Matchup Ahead of Browns vs. Chiefs Divisional Round

Throwback to Mahomes vs. Mayfield College Matchup Ahead of Browns vs. Chiefs Divisional Round

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  1. I never considered Texas Oklahoma to be rivalry it’s just a bunch of Texas kids playing against one another in different states if you look at the lineup the majority of your starters are from Texas

  2. I remember this game and that 55 yard throw from Mahomes moving to his left was when I thought he was going to be an NFL stud. One because I have only seen Aaron Rodgers make similar throws and two he responded to Baker touchdown drives with great plays.

  3. People are going to make a big deal out of this game. I would to see Mayfield under Reid with that roster. Give much respect to Mahomes though.

  4. I’m just gonna reiterate one last time, that being at this game live was the best football game I’ve experienced. Watching Patrick every week in college was amazing and the way he played against Baker, was a crazy duel. Wreck Em Tech.

  5. I remember watching this game I didn't think my Kansas City Chiefs had a chance to get this guy but I'm so thankful we have him as our quarterback cuz for many years the Chiefs never drafted there on quarterback always trading for quarterbacks particularly from San Francisco thank you football gods

  6. Daniel Jeramiah just exposed his own limitations as an evaluator of NFL talent. Correction: Mahomes is on his way to being the best QB in the history of the NFL.

  7. Mayfield won that day for OU. Pat Mahomes lost that one because of his 1 interception. Mayfied didn't turn the ball over… They're very close statistically. Mahomes has played with more pass protection from Chief's offensive line than Mayfield has had in the Browns. Since the quarterbacks are so close, I think the teams will be the deciding factor.

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