Tom Brady Reflects on Impact Peyton Manning Has Had on Him as a Player

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  1. Mac Jones will ultimately be better than Tom or Mahomes or any other QB that has ever played the game..his accuracy is second to none and he will be a champion wherever he goes. Mark it down as prophecy if ya want but it's true, he can already throw a better ball than Tom or Peyton manning and has more accuracy than any other QB in the game bar none.

  2. Walkin onto the battlefield with a six star General is how you win! Bucs are guna punish the Chiefs for 60 minutes! One good hit on Hill and hes finished! Chiefs offense is guna have a really bad day! Go Bucs!

  3. How is that Barry Bonds every year is Not Selected by the MLB HOF But yet tom brady will be in the hof and has done far worse than Barry Bonds Steroid use, Can Anybody Answer my Question without Barry Bonds Steroid use in the conversation?

    I think brady by history, will have a Nice Astras Mark next to his whole nfl career will be booed at his hof speech Drew Brees on the Other hand will be Cheered and Admired at his HOF Speech tom brady said he wanted to be like the Undertaker 20-0 but in the super bowls I'm not a Xercies brady Worshiper and I Will be waiting for my Packers Redemption from donors that support tom brady and his team Packers will see brady at home next year and will be A Total Different Story than before, brady's Retirement Speech at Lambeau Field crying his eyes out and Wishing Aaron Rodgers and The Packers Great Success at SB56 in 2022

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