Top 10 Guns With Gunsmith in Cod Mobile Season 4

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  1. In all honesty I didn't like the fact that u started using snipers in ur 30 day sniper video. I kinda hated going up against snipers, and since I was against using em myself, rank lobbies became increasingly difficult. I felt like I was the only one who felt that way in codm… You were the youtuber I prefered over the rest. Kudos to us aggressive players 😀

  2. Can there be any list like that without DR-H. I mean even though SMG's are meta this season but DR-H still shreds if you have fast Ads Build.
    My favourite Build of DRH :-
    Monolithic,Owc las, Mip light short, No stock, 30 round OTM Mag.
    Try it, it's so good.

  3. Has anybody tried distance acceleration in sensitivity settings? I switched to it recently and it's better than I expected. We want you to try it jokesta . Let's have a video about it.
    I feel that I have the advantage of consistency of no acceleration and ability to rotate faster when needed… It feels more intuitive… Like a hidden gem for me

  4. Anyone else having problems with AS Val today? Like when i try to shoot i have to tap for every shots. It isn't goin full auto for some reason.. Can you guys help me?

  5. Love what you said at the last part about snipers. Where players are learning to get out of comfort zone and more gun fights than one shots from snipers and all. I said the same thing about BR with shotguns.

  6. Yeah I totally agree with you! Everyone now is coming out from their comfort camping site and playing obj while slaying enemies.

    While I kinda stay in "power position" with Chopper and let my team mates capping B. 😂😂😂

  7. I knew something was wrong with my man o war when i started to get crappy kills and it starting to feel kinda heavy on movement also i knew my shooting skills weren't nerfed🤦‍♂️

  8. Im not sure if you remember but I comment on one of your video if you could 1v1 me when I was being cocky but some of your build have helped me and I wanted to say thanks not sure if you're going to see this but thanks jokesta

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