Top 5 Non-QB Prospects in 2021 NFL Draft

Top 5 Non-QB Prospects in 2021 NFL Draft

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  1. Football players don't be late.

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  2. My top 5 :
    1. Penei Sewell (crazy movement skills for a 320 pound guy at 19 years old last season )
    2. Kyle Pitts (blocks like a TE, receiving like a WR, 131 yards 1TD on 7 Receptions against Alabama)
    3. Jamar Chase (dominanted at 20 years old the SEC phisically with Big play after big play)
    4. Micah Parsons (freak Athletically, in run d and blitzing Maschine)
    5. Jaylen Waddle (4.2 speed maybe, EXPLOSIVE, outproduced Smith till his injury)

  3. 1.sewell(he’s been the best o line prospect since q Nelson imo ppl are saying slater is better which makes no sense because people just say that because of the game against osu)
    2. Chase(I have chase in front of smith and waddle even though I like both of them, chase has more ideal build for a wideout,and can do basically everything better than smith,smith is a better route runner tho it will be Intresting to see how Gms measure him playing with burrow compared to smith playing with Jones)
    3.Smith(he excells at basically everything he is great route runner, he has great hands,great ball skills,good at making people miss,decently fast,biggest knock on him is his body size as he is extremely skinny and although he can bull up bulking up sometimes makes it harder to play the way you used to)
    4.Waddle(he is another great receiver(has top notch speed, makes big plays,gets separation and takes pressure off the qb,no real knocks on him which is why waddle is the safer pick)
    5.Parsons(a prototype linebacker, can play on the outside and might be able to be a middle linebacker as well seems like he has excellent playmaking,fast for a linebacker and is there for the tackle and can be the glue for any defense)
    6. Pitts(a mismatch no matter where you put him he has great ball skills and is just a playmaker he has great talent but I can’t say him being taken by a team like the eagles or lions if smith or waddle or chase is on the board is the smartest of moves,not an exceptional blocker so it will be Intresting to see how teams use him as he seems like a slower less elusive randy moss type build) Intresting to see how much he will be running actual routes to see if he can actually play reciever)
    7.Slater(seems like a stable o lineman at worse, the chase young game really elevated his stock,seems like an elite pass blocker and can be a great left tackle
    8.Surtain II( a very ideal corner has all the makings of an pro bowl and maybe all pro corner seems like a no 2 corner at worst has great ball skills and a good tackling corner able to make plays
    9.Vera Tucker very good o lineman seems to be able to handle the big boys and can be a productive right tackle in the league
    10.farley(some see him as the best corner in the draft, he is a straight playmaker,decent tackler,able to get picks and pass deflections and has good speed to catch up on plays)

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